Remedies Tips For Ovarian Cysts

Ovarian Cysts
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Ovarian cysts, as the name clearly indicates, develop in the ovaries of a woman. Basically, these are small fluid-filled sacs that are mostly benign in a majority of cases. However, some of these cysts may be quite painful and even cause problems such as excessive bleeding during menstrual cycle and rupturing.

In such a case, doctors often advise surgical removal of these cysts. However, if an ovarian cyst appears due to changes in menstrual cycle, it is most likely to disappear on its own, without any treatment, within a few months time. In either case, you need to take these cysts seriously and can follow some easy home remedies for Ovarian Cysts along with prescribed medication to dissolve them.

It has been clearly established in medical circles that women who consume estrogen-laden foods and have a high carbohydrate intake are more likely to get ovarian cysts. Thus, one of the easiest ways to get some relief from the pain caused by an ovarian cyst is by cutting down on such food items. By following a low carb diet you can effectively avoid fluid retention in the cyst and the resultant swelling that leads to pain. Some estrogen rich foods that you should completely avoid are tomatoes, non-organic red meat and dairy products.

In addition, it is highly recommended that you cut down on your alcohol intake. This will help prevent the ovarian cyst from becoming cancerous. You should also avoid taking iron supplements unless it has been prescribed by your doctor for anemia. This would be a sensible decision considering that cancerous cells feed on iron. You can also ask your doctor to prescribe birth control pills for you so that your menstrual cycle can be extended. This allows additional time to the body to go into a self correct mode and dissolve the ovarian cyst.

You can use a hot bag to relieve the pain caused by ovarian cyst. Taking a warm bath can also be quite relaxing for a woman suffering from Ovarian Cysts pain. Some women swear by the effectiveness of herbal teas in eliminating ovarian cyst pelvic pain. You can choose between Chamomile, raspberry and mint tea as per your taste. Increasing daily water intake is another good way to alleviate ovarian cyst pelvic pain. Some women have also found taking apple cider vinegar shots as an effective remedy for ovarian cysts. You can also try a mixed juice of carrot, beet, parsley, spinach and apple to reduce the size of your ovarian cyst.